Our new platform is live now!

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Thank you for your patience! Our IT systems were upgraded tonight and our new platform is up and running!

Congratulations and thanks to our IT team, who spent most of the night finalising the upgrade.

Some important notes:

  • all registred users received a pasword reminder e-mail form us (as described in our newsletter sent on Wednesday). All users are asked to pass the re-authentication process  and change ther passwords;
  • please use your e-mail address to log in!
  • After the password has been updated, users are asked to update their user account data;
  • We ahev opened investment accounts for our investing members and their hldings have been transferred to their accounts. Investing members are also asked to re-activate their investment accounts (the activation request is displayed as a red notification bar). Re.activation means updating investment acount data and verifying it by a unique SMS code;

Our website is now available both in English and Estonian, and new languages will be added soon. You can make your language selection from the top-right language selector.

Thank you!

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