Crowdestate performance report: September 2020

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The following September performance report will provide an overview of new, completed and overdue projects, payments to investors and secondary market transactions.

In the last month, 8 new investment opportunities were launched on Crowdestate crowdfunding platform. 4 out of them were Estonian projects, 2 Italian projects, 1 Romanian and 1 project was from Latvia. With the help of Crowdestate investors, 8 loans were financed in the amount of EUR 1 145 000.

The total number of launched projects increased to 274, in the amount of EUR 96 432 151.

New investment opportunities on the platform:

Hotel Kolumbs
Villa Benedetta, Barga, Lucca, Italy
Väike kaar 33c, Tartu (III)
Samurcasi 33, Gulia, Tartasesti, Romania
Kesalille tn 7, 9 ja 11, Veskimöldre
Rae põik 6, Rae parish, Harju country
Corso Vercelli 11, Novara, Italy
Paevälja tee 6, 8, 10, Lubja küla, Viimsi (X)

The average investment amount in September was EUR 296.51 Compared to August, the average investment amount has decreased by EUR 61.93.

Marketplace statistics

32.07% of Crowdestate investors are active in the secondary market. In September, 1483 investment offers were published for sale, in the amount of EUR 1 108 732.92, and 537 investment opportunities were bought in the amount of EUR 156 543.15.

The most-traded project was Nord Company, which was published for sale 160 times and bought 53 times.

September payouts and overdue projects

Repayments to investors were made from 25 different investment opportunities totalling EUR 1 278 570.16 of which EUR 1 103 802.79 were principal repayments, EUR 167 299.42 interest payments, and late fees in the amount of EUR 7 467.95.

As of October 1st, payments of 30 projects have been late, totalling EUR 6 470 784.1. Including 5 344 933.35 principal, EUR 916 006.19 interest payments and late fees in the amount of EUR 2 098 944.56.

14 projects are real estate and 16 are business investment opportunities. 7 projects have been late for 30+ days and 20 projects 90+ days.

Defaulted loans

In September, a defaulted loan from the Estera Development Holding project was added to Crowdestate’s portfolio.

A previous month overview of an overdue project’s process has been added to the particular project’s page. The total list of overdue projects can be downloaded on our statistics page.

Overview of this month’s progress will be shared at the beginning of the next month.

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