Crowdestate investment account in LHV

{:ee}Kokkulepe pangaga{:}{:en}Agreement with the bank{:}

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We are starting summer with some uplifting news: as of today, you can connect your Crowdestate investment account to LHV online bank account.

Connecting accounts is super quick:

  1. Log in to LHV online bank account.
  2. From the sidebar pick Investing -> Add alternative investments.
  3. Choose Crowdestate.
  4. You will be redirected to the Crowdestate website: login to your investment account and give consent to the transfer of your data.

If the previous steps have been taken, you will be redirected back to LHV internet bank and you should see an overview of Crowdestate’s investment portfolio under your alternative investments:

You can see 9 Crowdestate investments with the highest market value (“Funded” status), the remaining investments are grouped under Other positions. The Available cash shows the free funds in your Crowdestate’s investment account, which can be used immediately or returned to your bank account.

The Quantity indicates the number of loan agreements, while the Purchase price shows the amount invested in a specific investment opportunity, excluding repayments. Realized income shows the disbursements made from the loan agreement, including interest, late fees and principal repayments. The Market price shows the principal balance of the loan agreement. Change is the amount of profit as a percentage of the purchase price. Profit shows the difference between the market value and the purchase value in euros. The Market value shows the value of the entire position in euros (ie quantity x market price).

Thank you for investing with us.

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