Crowdestate has published its 2016 annual report

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Crowdestate released its 2016 financial results and submitted its annual report to Estonian Commercial Register today.

The number of investors increased 2.3 times over the year – from 5,400 to 12,370.

18 carefully selected investment opportunities were published and successsfully funded in 2016, bringing the total number of funded investment opportunities to 30.

Crowdestate raised 9,260,800 euros of new capital in 2016, bringing the total amount of raised capital to 12,880,760 euros.

9 more investment opportunities were successfully exited in 2016, bringing the total number of successfully exited investments to 11.

2,37 million euros (including 393,292 euros of interest) were paid out to our investors in 2016.

Our first international real estate development project in Riga, Latvia, was fsuccessfully funded in 2016.

The full annual report (in Estonian only) can be downloaded here.

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