Successul exit: Toompuiestee 13


In the beginning of 2015 Crowdestate investors had the opportunity to finance a real estate project where Endover KVB was reconstructing and modernizing historical buildings on Toompuiestee 13 plot. Preparations for the development begun already at the end of 2014, but the Sponsor wished to release some equity from this project, and that became possible thanks to the contribution of Crowdestate investors.

The total volume funded by Crowdestate investors was 250 000 euros, investment term of 24 months and an expected IRR of 12.26% per annum.

The great location of this project, its professional management team and high interest from buyers enabled the Sponsor to sell all apartments sooner than initially forecasted and in the beginning of February 2017 the project came to its successful exit. The final payment to Crowdestate investors was made on 8th of February 2017.

Endover and Crowdestate extend their gratitude to all investors who contributed to this project!

You may also check out the website of the freshly exited project HERE.

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