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We launched a pre-booking system in 2015 and 3 years ago we updated the older version to solve 2 crucial issues at that time: most projects got fully funded within minutes and only some investors were able to participate, we couldn’t technically manage the contracting of the whole project in a few or a few tens of seconds.

Now that times have changed and our system has gone through huge improvements, we have received lots of feedback from investors regarding current pre-booking system not adding any value to their investing process.

We hear you and therefore, are happy to present a new investing system which will go live in October 8. 

What will change?

To make it easier to understand how the new system works let’s do a recap on how it used to be. 

When a project was launched on the platform then it had a 24h pre-booking period where an investor could only invest once. In case the project didn’t get fully funded within the pre-booking period then it opened to an investing period for whichever long time.

As of October, a new investment opportunity will open to investing straight away without a pre-booking period and is closed once the project is fully funded. Because there is no pre-booking period you can invest multiple times once the project has launched. An example, Autoinvest invested 500€ and you manually add 200€ to the same project.

Last but not least, Autoinvest and manual investments will no longer be distributed proportionally. With one exception – if a new project is already overfunded with Autoinvest investments then these investments will be distributed.

To conclude

Long story short there is no pre-booking period, you can invest multiple times and the project will close to investing once it’s fully funded. Sounds good? 🙂

If there is anything unclear or you have additional questions, feel free to write to us via But do keep in mind that the best way to fully understand how it all works is to give it a try yourself in October.

We also would like to thank all investors who shared their feedback and recommendations regarding this matter.

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