Honestly about crowdfunding

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The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia (EKFL) had their conference at the beginning of October. For the first time ever the conference also included a discussion on crowdfunding. Panelists in the discussion were Crowdestate, Estateguru, Financial Supervision Authority, a representative of real estate developer Mitt&Perlebach.

The discussion was about crowdfunding, trying to answer what it is and how it works, what are the risks with crowdfunding and what would happen in case of economic crisis. Financial Supervision Authority spoke a bit about upcoming regulations and Crowdestate’s first ever project partner Mitt&Perlebach talked about what makes real estate developers use crowdfunding for their projects.

We taped the discussion and now it can be viewed here.

Disclaimer: the video is in Estonian without subtitles, and it is almost one hour long.

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