Welcome to the Real Estate Investment Academy!

Real estate investment academy

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Crowdestate is one of the pioneers of real estate crowdfunding platforms, and we have been providing our investors with carefully selected real estate investment opportunities for close to 8 years now. We are now excited to welcome you to our real estate investment academy!

Our 62 000+ international investors have a wide variety of backgrounds – from people having extensive experience in investing in real estate to people taking their first steps in building their wealth and financial independence.

Over the years, we have received thousands of questions from our investors on simple topics like “What is crowdfunding?” and “How much should I invest in real estate” to more complex questions concerning the selection of the crowdfunding service provider to taxation and regulation. As a result, we have been actively supporting our investors with knowledge by addressing the most common questions in our blog and the more specific ones via one-on-one communication.

Real estate crowdfunding has been around for about 8 years, and there are currently more than 150 real estate crowdfunding platforms operating in continental Europe. Unfortunately, only 1/3 of them are active. We cannot estimate the number of startups in the real estate crowdfunding arena that have failed without ever making it to the daylight. 

The crowdfunding landscape is changing as well – the initially unregulated crowdfunding market will become regulated in November 2021, turning the “wild west” of crowdfunding into one commonly accepted sector of the investment universe.

Real estate crowdfunding has become a mainstream way of investing in real estate and mortgage-secured loans. The combination of a large number of investors, relatively small amounts of individual investments, and internationally operating digital platforms have resulted in a new investment power that has never existed before, thus becoming an attractive financial partner to professional real estate firms.

No textbooks, courses, or guidelines have been available to real estate crowdfunding investors to speed up the learning curve. As with all new things, investors have been forced to figure out the things themselves, and as with all new things, there have been a lot of trials and errors.

September 1st is celebrated as Wisdom Day in Estonia. We are using that as an opportunity to announce our decision to write and publish a series of articles to be combined into the Real Estate Investment Academy (or Real Estate Crowdfunding Academy). We will start from the basics of building your investment portfolio and proceed to the specific aspects of real estate investing and real estate crowdfunding. To save your valuable time, we aim to keep things simple and concentrated.

During the next few months, you will find a new article in our blog every week, covering one specific aspect of real estate investing and real estate crowdfunding. Want to start learning more? Click here to learn about 3 ways to invest in real estate. To see our current investment project & become one of our 62 000+ active investors, follow the link here.

Welcome to the Real Estate Investment Academy!

PS. Do you have a topic that you would like us to cover? Please send us your request by sending an email to info@crowdestate.eu. The best questions and hints for the next topics will be awarded.