Tiigikalda grain dryer early exit!

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This week will be wrapped up with simultaneous bad and good news.

Tiigikalda Ltd. crowdfunded the construction of its grain drying complex in April – 458 investors contributed 500.000 euros into the success of this project. Investment’s time horizon was 2 years and the expected annual return was 15%. Due to the significant changes in the original business plan, Tiigikalda Ltd. decided to use its cancellation option (according to Clause 7.1 in the agreements) and to prematurely return the attracted investments. The premature return of the investments is unpleasant news for both us and our investors, who originally planned a good-yielding 2-year investment.

At the same time, we have two pieces of good news as well!

Due to the premature cancellation of the investment, the actual return on investment is definitely a positive surprise for all investors – according to our calculations, this investment’s IRR was 44,9%.

The original investment of 500,000 euros plus earned revenues of 20,208.33 euros have been credited back to participating investors’ investment accounts.

What should you do with this unexpected liquidity?

The other piece of positive news is that our next investment opportunity is almost ready and will be published in the beginning of next week. Instead of withdrawing the funds and spending it somewhere else, please check our website next week and take a look at the upcoming investment opportunity!

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