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If you are familiar with the world of finance, you know how important it is to educate yourself before making any decision. Even if you have experience in the field, things like managing your personal finance may become challenging and your investments may fall below your expectations.

One effective way to pursue this education is by reading finance blogs. There you can find information on many different subjects, including reviews, guides, comparisons of finance platforms, and general information about investments or the financial markets.

While these websites do not provide financial advice, they can help you reach an informed decision by providing information about investments and personal finance. 

If you are looking for extra help with your financial education, you are in the right place. We have put together a diverse list of high-quality blogs that we believe will provide you with the right content to improve your financial knowledge!

Jean Galea

Unlike most of the other options on this list, this website is a personal blog that covers many topics within finance but also subjects beyond it.

The website reviews many types of investment platforms, including P2P lending, cryptocurrencies, and real estate platforms. There are also guides about investments for beginners, crypto, stocks, FX trading, derivatives, P2P lending, and real estate investing.

In the section named blog, the author writes about many different financial topics, ranging from crypto projects to personal considerations. Although most of the content there prioritizes technological subjects, it is uniquely diverse, exploring refreshing projects, platforms, and other themes.

Of Dollars And Data

Created in 2017, this blog was developed to help investors make better and informed financial decisions.

The website has many articles on topics that include risk, expectations from investments, organization and management of personal finance, or how to filter good and bad financial information.

Its content shines because the way the information is presented differs from the other blogs: Although the topics are well-researched and present consistent data, they generally use dialogues to be developed, often resembling a quasi-philosophical discussion about finance.

Index Fund Investor

This blog, created in 2018, focuses on teaching investors about passive investing with an easy-to-digest language. The idea is to educate investors in Europe to start investing their savings. The blog focuses on teaching about index funds/ETFs.

On the website, you can request a free introductory course to learn about the subject by studying for 10 minutes daily. It works through email and introduces the concept of passive investing. It is also possible to buy a book that teaches the subject thoroughly.

There is also a section in the blog with articles about European index funds, bonds, trading platforms, and topics related to the financial markets. Considering that many of the online articles about the topic target US investors, European investors greatly benefit from this specific content the blog provides. Besides reviewing trading platforms that work in the region, the articles teach about financial instruments from the area and how to invest in them.

The Irrelevant Investor

The blog contains the personal opinions and analyses of Ritholtz Wealth Management employees to educate investors and analyze the financial markets.

The content of the blog is suitable for investors with previous knowledge about investments and heavily relies on graphic data visualization to perform analysis.

Although the articles on the website focus on traditional financial market instruments, such as bonds, ETFs, and stocks, it is also possible to read about NFTs. The website also features a podcast where the author discusses financial markets, personal finances, and other topics.

Investing in the web

The website was developed to help investors find and compare Fintechs. As the name suggests, most of its content aims at helping readers make better investments and increase transparency in the financial markets.

Accordingly, you can compare the features of multiple Fintechs divided as online brokers, European Robo advisors, social trading platforms, and socially responsible investing platforms. You can also access a fintech list and unbiased reviews of investment platforms that may guide your investments. The tool Help me Choose can help you find the right platform for your investments following your preferences. You can filter the content to satisfy your needs and also match your location.

In addition, in the learn and article sections, you can find diverse educational content and guides about investments and fintech platforms.

The Investing in the Web team is also developing three other finance websites, Robo-Advisor Finder, FintechFinder, and Money Grower.

P2P Empire

P2P Empire is the go-to place for everything P2P lending. There, you will find reviews, bonuses, news, and educational content about P2P lending. 

Jakub, the founder of this blog, started investing in P2P back in 2017, and wanted to create a platform where we could bring more transparency and clarity to this alternative investment industry. He even created a Youtube channel where he shares his thoughts about the latest developments about the P2P lending industry.

Marco Schwartz

Marco Schwartz’s blog also focuses on P2P lending. This includes real estate crowdfunding platforms, crowdlending platforms, and more. 

Marco has built a P2P lending portfolio for himself and, in his blog, he shares tips & reviews to help others build a P2P lending portfolio that will generate passive income. 

He also owns a Youtube channel, a podcast, and three Facebook Communities focused on passive income and online businesses.


The blog was created in 2020 and offers comprehensive and accessible investing guides and lifestyle insights. The idea behind the blog is to spread and improve the knowledge in Europe by sharing investment guidelines aligned with academic literature, research publications from well-established institutions and the professional experience of the content creators.

Trying to diminish the risk of investments without jeopardizing their rate of return, the blog offers a straightforward and detailed guide for those who want to start investing. If you are already into the world of investments, it also has guides to create your portfolio and protect it against risks.

Besides, the website has many recommendations for movies, literature about finance, and a community section with forums to discuss investments and lifestyles.


Finally, this page is a personal finance blog that tells the story of an English investor trying to achieve financial freedom through investing in dividend-paying stocks. While documenting these investments, the blog aims to help other people to be financially free with the writer.

There are five different sections on the website. Besides the blog, there are sections with articles on money-saving, extra income, practical and theory of investments, and tax.

If you are interested in dividend-paying stocks, the blog has consistent tips on the subject as the author shares his experience investing in the instrument. The blog also contains articles on cryptocurrencies and general investment tips.

Wrapping up

When investing, one thing is for sure: information is crucial! These blogs have plenty of educational content that helps you make an informed decision, and we were able to put together a very diverse list that encompasses many different topics. 

We hope this list helps you find the blog that suits your needs and if you have any doubt, please leave a comment below!

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