Crowdestate performance report: July 2020

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We have successfully made it through July. Here is the overview of new, exited and overdue projects, payments made to investors and aftermarket transactions.

Successfully funded projects

In the last month, 7 new investment opportunities were launched on Crowdestate’s crowdfunding platform. 2 out of them were Estonian projects, 4 Italian projects, and 1 project was from Romania. With the help of Crowdestate investors, 7 loans were financed in the amount of EUR 894 900.

The total number of launched projects increased to 259, in the amount of EUR 93 845 451.

New investment opportunities on the platform:

Väike kaar 33c, Tartu (II)
Sassari 15, Cesenatico, Italy (III)
“Frame”, Marina di Massa, Toscana (IV)
Lutero 6, Milano, Italy
Paevälja tee 6,8,10, Lubja küla, Viimsi (VIII)
Via De Coubertin, Potenza, Italia (IV)
Samurcasi 33, Gulia, Tartasesti (II)

The average investment amount in July was EUR 220.15. Compared to June the average investment amount has decreased by EUR 217.09.

Exited investment opportunities

A total of 12 successful exits were made during the month of July and the total number of investment opportunities that ended successfully increased to 137.

The total amount of EUR 3 445 840.96 was paid out to investors. Including principal repayments totalling EUR 3 049 476.23, interest payments totalling EUR  395 767.93 and late fees in the amount of EUR 596.79.

Successfully exited investment opportunities:

Steel Express Haldus OÜ (II)
Päevalille 2, 13517 Tallinn (II)
L. Koidula 32, 10150 Tallinn (IV)
Päevalille 2, 13517 Tallinn
Steel Express OÜ
Jahu 5, 10414 Tallinn
Via De Coubertin, Potenza, Italy (II)
Malatesta 8, Milano, Italy
Suure-Pärna, Liikva
Suure-Pärna, Liikva (II)
Suure-Pärna, Liikva (III)
Suure-Pärna, Liikva (IV)

Marketplace statistics

31.99% of Crowdestate investors are active in the secondary market. In July, 2408 investment offers were published for sale, in the amount of EUR 1 506 343.31, and 671 investment opportunities were bought in the amount of EUR 178 815.14.

The most-traded project was Baltic Forest (X), that was published for sale 227  times and bought 32 times.

July’s payouts and overdue projects

Repayments to investors were made from 19 different investment opportunities totalling EUR 3 598 020.65, of which EUR 3 199 476.23 were principal repayments, EUR 397 370.55 interest payments, and late fees in the amount of EUR 1 173.87.

As of August 1st, payments of 30 projects have been late, totalling EUR 9 717 121.08 Including EUR 6 420 642.73 principal, EUR 1 325 444.93 interest payments and late fees in the amount of EUR 1 971 033.42.

17 projects are real estate and 13 are business investment opportunities. 2 projects have been late for 30+ days and 22 projects 90+ days.

A previous month overview of an overdue project’s process has been added to the particular project’s page. The total list of overdue projects can be downloaded on our statistics page.

Overview of this month’s progress will be shared at the beginning of the next month.

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