Vana-Kalamaja investment raised in an amazing 9 minutes!

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On the 4th of March we published a new investment opportunity – Vana-Kalamaja 6. The interest towards this development was very high, which resulted in our server breaking down.

A weekend full of serious IT work, and we were able to open the investment again on the 7th of March. This time everything went fine, and the investment was crowdfunded amazingly in only 9 minutes! One could say that we really made history this time.

The investment opportunity raised funds in the amount of 500 000€, with the expected yields of 16,6%.

The smallest investment to the Vana-Kalamaja 6 project was 73€ and the largest 300 000€. The mathematical average for the investment was 4760€ and the median value 500€.

Altogether there were 105 investors, most of them from Estonia.

One interesting fact about this investment opportunity is that 8,5% of investors contributed to 87% of the investment crowdfunded. This is probably the reason why the investment was finished in such a short time.

To illustrate the statistics, please find some graphs below.

Private persons vs companies

Men vs women

Investment median values

median and average of investment

All the best until next investments!

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