Crowdestate 2019: 1st quarter summary

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It’s time, to sum up, the first quarter of 2019 for Crowdestate crowdfunding platform – new and exited investment opportunities, payouts to investors and growth in investors community.

New investment opportunities

In the past 3 months, 21 new investment opportunities were launched on Crowdestate’s crowdfunding platform, 15 of which were real estate and 6 corporate funding projects.

New investment opportunities on the platform:

Vabaduse 16, 78901 Kohila (IV)
Astangu 18/20, 13519 Tallinn (III)
Via Meravigli 16, Milano, Italy
DP Pack OÜ
Tammelehe 6, 76901 Tabasalu (IV)
Marguse Spordibaas, Nüpli, Otepää (II)
Kreutzwaldi 59c, 65610 Võru (VII)
Soinaste 8d – 8, Tartu
Kreutzwaldi 59c, 65610 Võru (VIII)
Via A. Meucci 25, Milano (II)
Aeru 9/11, Tartu 51017 (II)
Global Nord Timber (V)
Veskimöldre 2
Baltic Forest OÜ (VII)
Koru põik 1, Saue vald, Alliku küla (III)
Nord Company
Viru Halud OÜ (II)
Metsapargi tn 6, Alliku küla, Saue vald (IV)
Baltic Forest OÜ (VIII)
Estera Development (II) Makonkalns

Via F. Confalonieri 21, Milano – Didn’t reach funding goal.

Exited investment opportunities

A total of 18 successful exits were made during the first quarter and the total number of investment opportunities that ended successfully increased to 69.

The total amount of EUR 6 344 889.3 was paid out to investors. Including principal repayments totalling EUR 5 671 800 and interest payments totalling EUR 661 701.

Successfully exited investment opportunities:

Tööstuse 47d, 10411 Tallinn
Tööstuse 47d, 10411 Tallinn (II)
Baltic Forest OÜ
R. Tobiase 3, 10147 Tallinn (II)
Kreutzwaldi 59c, 65610 Võru, Estonia
Kreutzwaldi 59c, 65610 Võru, Estonia (II)
Marguse Spordibaas, Nüpli, Otepää
Juurdeveo 25c, 13113 Tallinn (II)
Kreutzwaldi 59c, 65610 Võru, Estonia (III)
Rataskaevu 5, 10123 Tallinn (III)
Vabaduse 16, 78901 Kohila (III)
Global Nord Timber (III)
Juurdeveo 25c, 13113 Tallinn (III)
Global Nord Timber (IV)
Juurdeveo 25c, 13113 Tallinn (IV)

1Q payouts

Repayments to investors were made from 53 different investment opportunities totalling EUR 6981338.38, of which principal repayments totalling EUR 5838747.52 and interest payments totalling EUR 1127793.42.

New investors

In the past 3 months 4587 have joined Crowdestate investors community. Before you know it, there’s 30 000 of us.

Info for investors: As of this month, we will start to receive quarterly reports, which will be added under the project. You will not receive an email notification when a new overview has been uploaded (not to spam your mailbox), however, when you go to the Overview page, scroll down to the ‘Recent news’, which is on your right, you can see blue dots above the project’s name which show that new info has been added.

Thank you for your trust! 🙂

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