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Have you ever thought about investing in real estate, but lack of experience, time and capital has been stopping you? Crowdestate is revolutionizing real estate investing and makes it accessible to everyone.

You’ve always wanted to invest in real estate, but in the capital, experience, and time is not enough? Crowdestate real estate investment makes it easy and accessible to everyone who wants one. Please start here!

In a few months, Crowdestate will be five years old and our investor community includes over 25 000 international investors thanks to whom we have funded over 100 projects and raised more than 50 mil eur. 


Real estate investing is no longer limited to only wealthy people. Crowdfunding opens real estate investment opportunities for everyone!

Crowdestate’s minimal investment amount is 100 eur and we don’t have any fees to our investors.

You can start investing here.


Diversification is one of the basic principles of investing, but high real estate prices and large deal sizes make it quite difficult. Crowdfunding allows creating a diversified real estate portfolio even with very small individual investments.

With Crowdestate you can invest in real estate projects, help to fund businesses and take part in mortgage loan investment opportunities.

Give our investment opportunities a look here.

You decide

Crowdestate selects real estate investment opportunities carefully and after pre-qualifying them thorough due diligence process makes them available to Crowdestate’s members. You decide, whether and where you invest your funds!

You can invest privately or as a company. Not to mention, you can have multiple investment accounts to invest for yourself and/or your children.

Create an investment account here.

Stable return

Real estate investing offers both current rental income along with a long-term growth is underlying real estate value. Real estate prices have historically been significantly more stable than equity values.

Crowdestate’s historical yield is 20%.

More statistics can be found here.

Secondary market

Real estate is a long-term investment, and we all have one major concern when committing to long-term investments –  I still might need access to my funds invested in real estate. In such cases, property owners have been forced to sell their real estate to the first bidder regardless of the true underlying property value. For these situations, Crowdestate has created a marketplace for real estate investments, in which investors who need money can sell their investments and other investors who are looking for new investment opportunities can buy them.

Visit the marketplace here.


Crowdestate’s investors have access to a new, automated investing function – just enable Autoinvest, ensure that there are sufficient funds on your account and an investment order will be made into any opportunity matching the parameters. Once an investment order is made, the investor will receive a usual confirmation of booked funds to their e-mail.


In Crowdestate’s blog, you can find various topics about investing in real estate and crowdfunding. In addition, you can search for relevant posts based on the provided keywords – for beginners, Crowdstate annual reports, risks, how-to etc.

Visit our blog here.


Crowdfunding is a brand new way of investing, where like-minded investors pool their smaller amounts into large investment power and invest it into attractive assets and share the earned income proportionally to their original contributions.

Visit the website here.

Fair distribution of returns

All net income generated by specific real estate investment will be distributed proportionally between its investors.

Environmental impact

We believe that real estate investing is primarily hyperlocal business – investors prefer to invest their money in a familiar environment and into familiar properties. By choosing to invest through Crowdestate, investors can influence the changes in the surrounding environment, supporting pleasing real estate development opportunities and ignoring unsuitable ones.

Supporting local businesses

Local property is usually developed by local entrepreneurs and local workforce. Crowdfunding supports local entrepreneurship and helps to create jobs.

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