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Let us first get acquainted. My name is Märt Meerits and I have been involved in financial markets for the last 20 years. I started as an equity analyst at the bank, I traded equities, dealt with project financing and managed client portfolios. Only in 2010 I got acquainted with real economy, when the opportunity emerged to join Silvano Fashion Group, a listed company holding lingerie production companies. Eventually my responsibilities in football terminology involved “keeping the goal clean”, but I obtained real understanding on how complicated it is to make money, that later can be invested. Therefore, I have pretty good understanding on how valuable are the financial resources that are commanded by you, our current and potential crowd investors.

I have found myself pondering about why the cash flow model that controls economy’s financial bloodstream is exactly how we have used to see it nowadays. Looking for credits – we usually turn to the bank. Looking for investment opportunities – again we consider bank as the first choice. Haven’t we become the victims of the situation and too cozy about how we sense our freedom of choice in funding our liabilities (mortgage, commercial loans etc.) and managing our wealth (all that we own and that has the potential to create passive income for us)? I am not underestimating the current role of banks – when considering investment decisions, the banks are a great source in their conservative approach and maintaining the investment discipline – for instance making contributions into pension or investment funds. But when we consider the the whole risk-return scale investment opportunities, or opportunity to invest on a community basis into improving one’s living environment, the choice is shallow. At the same time, the amount of aggregated cash that should smartly invested generate income, is increasing, and unfortunately standing passively by at the bank’s near-zero deposits.

I find that crowdfunding as such is not conceptually new, though, the novelty is the ability of many to participate in investing into real estate independent from their investment capacity in order to take advantage from the moderate increase in real estate prices driven by the increase of global monetary supply, an alternative to dormant cash at the bank account.

Participation in crowd funded projects is part of the process that concerns taking charge of one’s responsibility in creating financial independence. Investing requires discipline, time, focused weighing of opportunities, yet it also grows the awareness of what is happening in the real economy. Crowdestate is one of the possible options in investing into relatively low-risk real estate investment class directly, without the interference of diversifying intermediaries, an alternative to dormant cash, fund or equity investments. Take advantage of this opportunity to educate yourselves and securing your financial future. As always, the journey starts from the first step. Enjoy crowdfunding!

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