Successful exit: Nervesa 6, Milan

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New record for Crowdestate: it’s the 12th successful exit from Italy!

Another important goal achieved for Crowdestate: Nervesa 6 project ended ahead of schedule – the principal amount and annual interest in the rate of 11% was returned to 347 investors, who participated in the project.  

This residential development project promoted by the Sponsor “Weproperty Srl”, consisted in the transformation of a 100 m2 commercial property into 2 new apartments. The units are located in the Porta Romana district of Milan, very close to the city center and well connected by the public transports.

Nervesa investment opportunity summary.

Nervesa 6, Milan project Sponsor

The Sponsor of the project is “WeProperty”, a company that is specialized in property investments. The owners of the company are Edoardo Tranchini and William Gutierrez, who have extensive experience in the Milan real estate market, focusing on small residential developments like “fix and flip” in the north-east area of Milan. 

The Sponsor company has previously successfully funded 6 other investment opportunities through Crowdestate, and four of them have already successfully exited:

  1. Via Nervesa 6, Milano – 198 150 € returned to investors – IRR 11% p.a.
  2. Via Esterle 23-25-29, Milan – 346.718 € returned to investors – IRR 12,2%  p.a.
  3. Via Meucci 25, Milan (I) – 215.496 € returned to investors – IRR 11,9% p.a.
  4. Via Meucci 25, Milan (II) – 108.738 € returned to investors – IRR 11,3% p.a.

The other two investment opportunities are still in the working progress: 

  1. Via Pinturicchio 5, Milan – IRR 11% p.a.
  2. Via Agordat 13, Milan – IRR 10% p.a.

Nervesa 6, Milan project’s main details

The investment opportunity consisted of the renovation and transformation of a 220 sqm office into 3 exclusive apartments.

The total value of the project was around 260 000€.
Expected rate of return: 11% p.a.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign was to collect 180 000 euros (LTV 50%), which was reached within 48 hours.

A total of 374 investors participated in the project, with an average investment of 500€.

The capital gathered from Crowdestate investors was used to complete the building renovation and to cover additional related fees.

Nervesa 6, Milan Location

The building is located in Via Nervesa 6, in the so-called Lodi / Porta Romana district of Milan, an area in full growth in recent years is at the center of an important transformation and regeneration, thanks to the redevelopment project of the Porta Romana railway yard and the Olympic Village which will be built a few steps away for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The area is well served by public transport. The yellow metro stations Lodi and Brenta are a few minutes’ walk away (4 stops from Milan Cathedral) and the Porta Romana train stop is also very close.

Nervesa 6, Milan project overview

The renovation works started as soon as the fundraising campaign was concluded, and were finished after 6 months, in accordance with the business plan.  After the renovation, the apartments were sold through the Sponsor’s real estate agency: (the repayment of the total amount for the investors (included interest accrued) was in advance of a month and a half.

Nervesa 6, Milan return on investment

This opportunity allowed 374 investors to get the repayment of the principal in 10 months, earlier than scheduled.

The annual return (IRR) of the project turned out to be 11%, in the total amount of 198 150 €.

In this location, the high market demand both with reference to the central area and to the small size of the apartments, about 50m2 each, allowed to speed up the selling process. All the apartments were sold with the price planned in the initial business plan.

Thank you for investing with us! 🙂

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