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Autoinvest is an automated investing tool which uses investor’s presented parameters to invest in a new project. Autoinvest feature is available to all Crowdestate investors and here is a guide on how it all works, what are the benefits and how to set one up.

How does Autoinvest work?

You need to have an investment account to use Autoinvest. Once you’ve opened an account and set up Autoinvest (instructions below), you need to make sure there are sufficient funds available on your account. Our minimum investment amount is 100€, which is also the minimum amount for Autoinvest to invest.

Autoinvest will make an investment into any new opportunity matching the parameters you have set up. Once the investment has been made, the investor will receive a confirmation email about booked funds. 

The loan agreement will be signed on behalf of the investor and it will be visible under Agreements.  All agreements signed by Autoinvest are identical to the ones signed manually.

Benefits of using Autoinvest

  1. You can set up multiple Autoinvests with different parameters.
  2. Free to use.
  3. You can pause, reactive, close or change the parameters at any time.
  4. Never miss an investment opportunity you like.

Keep in mind that Autoinvest can only invest if there are enough funds available on the account. If there are no funds to invest, no investment order can be made.

An example: Autoinvest wants to invest 100€ in the project but the investor only has 50€ available on his account, therefore, the investment won’t take place.

How to set up an Autoinvest

Once you have created an investment account go to the Overview page and choose Autoinvest, and click on Create new Autoinvest.

Now choose the parameters according to which investments are made:

Additional info about the parameters:

  • The investment amount: You can set the minimum and maximum amount suitable for you. If a range is set, an investment will be made within the range using the available funds on the investment account. 

An example: The minimum amount set is 100€ and maximum 1000€, but the investment account has 640€ available funds. In this case, 600€ will be invested in a suitable open project.

By clicking on Show more settings, you can specify the parameters even more by asset class, capital type, investment type, and country. 

In case you are not sure what certain terms mean you can click on the info button next to the word to get more in-depth info.

Once you have set it up the way you like, click Save then review the settings and Confirm and Activate. Sign the Autoinvest activation agreement with SMS or Google Authenticator. 

Afterwards, you can find all your created Autoinvests (active, paused, closed) under Autoinvest tab. 

In case you have questions about creating Autoinvest or it’s investing process, feel free to write to us via

Log in to your account and create your Autoinvest. 🙂

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