New pre-booking system: what you should know!

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There’s a new investment opportunity, you were sitting behind the computer just before it was being opened for investing, you were all set. When the clock turned 3 the project was funded in less than a minute and even without you noticing, you had missed your chance to invest. Or when you had set up Autoinvest, went through the day thinking Autoinvest invested for you. But when you arrived home and sat behind the screen, you saw that for some reason your investment had not gone through. Can you relate?

We’ve been working on an efficient solution, which would solve the previous issues, so when you’d like to invest in the project, you wouldn’t have to worry about not making the cut.

This week we conducted a big system update, which included launching a new pre-booking system. With the new system, there are few new changes, that you’d need to be aware of.

You can read how everything works from now on in this blog post.

The difference between old and new

According to the old system, it was possible to familiarize yourself with the project 24h in advance before it was released for pre-booking.

When it comes to the new system, the investment opportunities will be open for pre-booking straight away and the pre-booking will last 24h.

investment opportunities

What’s new?

No more limits: You can invest as much as you want.

investment opportunity

100€ guarantee: To all investors, who have invested money (in any amount) during the pre-booking period, will be guaranteed a participation of 100€ in the project.

  • In case during the pre-booking period there aren’t enough investments to cover the total amount needed to finance the project, then once the pre-booking period has ended, the investment opportunity will open for investments the way it did before.

If there are more investments than the project could fit, then the investments will be distributed proportionately among the investors, for example:

  • Investment opportunity amount is 1000€.
  • During the pre-booking, 4 investors invest in the amount of 100€, 1000€, 10 000€ and 10 000€.
  • Investments will be 100€, 100€, 400€ and 400€ and the remaining investments will be returned to investors.


  • During the pre-booking, 5 investors invest in the amount of 100€, 200€, 1000€, 5000€ and 5000€.
  • Investments will be 100€, 100€, 200€, 300€ and 300€ and the remaining investments will be returned to investors.

The maximum number of investors, who will be able to pre-book, will be the sum of the investment project/100. In other words:

  • (An example) The investment opportunity amount is 1000€, the maximum amount of investors, who could participate, is 10 because the minimum investment amount is 100€ (10 x 100 = 1000€).
  • In case this happens, the pre-booking period will end immediately, all investors will receive an investment of 100€ and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Autoinvest:  During the pre-booking period, Autoinvest will automatically invest the specified amount (that you have set up). There will be no restrictions, however when there are too many investments than the project could fit, then the Autoinvest investment will be cut the same way as the investment made by hand.

  • In case you have set up multiple Autoinvest accounts, in the pre-booking period only one Autoinvest will invest for you – the one with the biggest investment amount.

Notice: The new pre-booking system does not apply to mortgage loans and RIA opportunities. 

To sum it up, in the pre-booking phase investors can submit their preferred maximum investment amounts. Afterward, the final investment amount will be determined by the number of pre-booking investors. It will remain between 100€ and your submitted maximum investment amount.

Well, how does it sound? Understandable? Confusing? A bit frightening?

In case you have any questions, feel free to write to us. But do keep in mind the best way to fully understand, how it all works, is to give it a try yourself.

Have fun while investing! 🙂

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