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Crowdestate Autoinvest for Investor

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Starting from November, Crowdestate’s investors have access to a new, automated investing function – just enable Autoinvest, ensure that there are sufficient funds on your account and an investment order will be made into any opportunity matching the parameters. Once an investment order is made, the investor will receive a usual confirmation of booked funds to their e-mail.

Loit Linnupõld – Autoinvest now makes investing quick and convenient

“Crowdestate is an international platform with investors from tens of different countries investing with us. This occasionally creates some specific obstacles like time difference – when we open a project at 3 p.m. in Estonia, some investors might have to set an alarm clock for 3 a.m. to make their investment. Responding to our investor’s requests for an automation tool, we launched our automated feature. Investor can define specific parameters suitable for them, and in the future, if an investment opportunity opens that matches all these parameters, an investment will be automatically made. And of course, investors will always have the option to make their own investment orders into projects that do not match the parameters of their Autoinvests.”

Parameters to choose from, according to which investments are made:

  • Investment amount. You can set the minimum and maximum amount suitable for you. If a range is set, an investment will be made within the range using the available funds on the investment account. Example: The minimum amount set is 100€ and maximum 1000€, but the investment account has 640€ available funds. In this case 600€ will be invested into a suitable open project.
  • Expected interest rate
  • Suitable investment term
  • Type of investment
  • Country

Important to know about Autoinvest

  1. Enable as many as you want with different parameters for each of your investment accounts.
  2. Autoinvest will only make investments in the amount of funds available. If there are no funds to invest, no investment order can be made.
  3. There are no fees for investors.
  4. It can be paused, reactivated, closed or parameters can be changed at any time.
  5. When an investment is made, the usual loan agreement will be signed on behalf of the investor. This agreement will be visible under documents.

To activate the automated investment tool, please click on the “Autoinvest” section in your investment account overview page.

Autoinvest will engage when prebooking period opens, and the prebooking limit does not apply. Investment will be made according to the parameters set in the settings and according to the available funds on your investment account.

Log in to your account and create your first Autoinvest!

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